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What Our Students Have to Say

Dear Bhavesh Sir, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication this year. You have made such a positive impact on my life and I am grateful for everything you have taught me. Thank you for being an amazing teacher!
Manas Shah
Scored 87.17% (HSC 2022-23)
I am extremely grateful to Bhavesh Sir for the classes that enabled me to achieve a remarkable percentage. The instructors' expertise and dedication were invaluable, and their engaging teaching style made learning enjoyable. I appreciate their guidance and support, which played a pivotal role in my academic success. Thank you Bhavesh Sir, for a wonderful learning experience!
Adarsh Morya
Scored 83.83% (HSC 2022-23)
The support from the classes was extremely good, faculties were always available for doubt solving they made students practice previous year papers and mock test were also very helpful
Khushi Thakkar
Scored 80.17% (HSC 2022-23)
The teaching was very good by all the teachers and our each and every doubts were solved. Paper solving and preliminary exams were really good practice for is. Thank  you sir
Yash Suthar
Scored 84.83% (HSC 2022-23)
BHAVESH ACADEMY I attended were absolutely fantastic! The teachers expertise and teaching style were exceptional, making every session engaging and informative. The personalized attention and guidance I received greatly improved my understanding of the subject. The teachers dedication and commitment to my progress were evident throughout, resulting in significant academic improvement. I highly recommend these classes to anyone seeking to excel in their studies.
Vivek Parmar
Scored 89.33% (HSC 2022-23)
For those looking for commerce best class. Your search ends at Bhavesh Academy. Its highly intelligent and experienced teachers are the main assets in my learning process. The academy provides well accomplished study material for all the relevant subjects along with a friendly and open environment for studies. Thank you so much Bhavesh sir and all the faculties for being the best teachers and I am grateful for all the support, guidance and help, you provided to reach me towards my goal.
Vaibhav Chauhan
Scored 82.67% (HSC 2022-23)
It was a great experience for me to learn in Bhavesh Academy. I like the way of teaching very easy to understand and also structured very well by the all the teachers.I'm glad that I joined this coaching classes & got to know many things and also enjoyed. Classes provided me with the required guidance and support for desired score. I was not expecting more than 70% but I got 83% in Final.All teachers kept pushing me to reach my full potential. Teachers gave personal attention to everyone which served as a major factor in correcting my mistakes.A very BIG THANKS to Bhavesh Academy.
Pooja Solanki
Scored 82.83% (HSC 2022-23)
As I have cleared my 10th boards in this prominent classes , I would like to thank the teacher of this for their hardwork they have not only teached us but also given the knowledge of outside world and how to survive the world and taught us the values of discipline, hardwork and good behaviour also their teachings methods were fabulous, they crack jokes in between so that we understand the concept well and don't get bored , apart from there comes planning for examination it was hardworking but it was for worth.Thank you Bhavesh Academy for having me as your student 
Rishi Dedhia
Scored 83.60% (SSC 2022-23)
My name is Shah Siddhi Anand and I scored 88.20% in my board exam with the encouragement of Bhavesh Sir and support of his team. It was all possible because of my effort and my parents' hardwork. Thank you to Bhavesh Sir and all my teachers for believing in me and I hope I fulfilled your expectations.
Shah Siddhi
Scored 88.20% (SSC 2022-23)
I may not have always shown it, but I'm grateful to have a teacher like you. Thank you all the wisdom you shared and setting a great example. I really enjoyed your lectures, your teaching style, it makes my learning enjoyable. You not only guide me related to subjects but also in my technical subjects. Thank you sir for your efforts to build me.
Yuti Parmar
Scored 80.40% (SSC 2022-23)